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Louisville Eviction Attorney

Attorney John Spalding understands the stress you may go through when your tenant is behind or refuses to pay their rent. If you are experiencing a landlord-tenant issue, it is important you consult with your attorney and understand the eviction process so that you can quickly gain possession of your rental property. John Spalding Law has handled hundreds of eviction cases in and around Jefferson County.

From sending the required notice letter to filing and representing you during the eviction case, we will work on your behalf until judgment has been entered. In the instance of a required set out by the sheriff, we will prepare, file, and coordinate the set out of your rental property.

We currently file evictions in the following counties: Jefferson, Hardin, Oldham, Franklin, Clark (Indiana), and Floyd (Indiana).

Free Case Evaluation

If you have a landlord-tenant dispute but aren’t sure if you have a case or not, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to review your case and answer your questions.

Why should you hire us for your landlord-tenant needs?

Every month a tenant is behind on the rent, you are losing money you may never recover. We are able to quickly file an eviction, often in the same month the rent is behind, and have judgement entered on your behalf. This will stop the accumulation of past-due rent and ensure you regain possession of your rental property and prepare it for a new tenant.

Attorney John Spalding has prepared and processed hundreds of evictions. Among his clients is one of the largest Property Management firms in the Kentuckiana area.

What if a tenant doesn’t vacate after an eviction?

Attorney John Spalding doesn’t just process and file evictions. When necessary, he may also prepare, file, and schedule the necessary documents for a set-out by the Sheriff. This process will ensure that the tenant is safely removed from your property in a timely and peaceful manner.

Do you offer other landlord-tenant legal services?

Yes. At John Spalding Law, we also offer lease agreement preparation, breaches of these agreements, security deposit disputes, and damage claims.

I’ve never evicted anyone before, can you help?

As an experienced landlord-tenant attorney in Louisville, John Spalding can help answer any of the questions surrounding landlord-tenant laws in Kentucky. We’ll help you create a process for ensuring the delivery of property notices and documents and can help manage your properties and tenants as efficiently as possible.

John K. Spalding

Being a member of this community his entire life, John is motivated to use his knowledge and skill to work with others.  Unlike many attorneys, John cares most about doing good work for his clients.  He hopes to build his practice around the recommendations of satisfied clients.

What Our Clients Say

“I would not hesitate to ever refer John to a friend or Family member. He does truly care about his clients.” – James R.